English Page

Welcome to Halo magu Club!

Mothers who were interested in learning English together with their children gathered together and started this club in 1999.

Many people ponder over questins such as; When should I start teaching English to my child? What and How should I teach? Think back to how we learned our mother tongue. As children we learned by listening and then saying what we heard our parents and others say around us. Therefore, give your children the opportunity to listen to English.

Music has a very good effect when learning a new language. Although we have not sung any children's songs for a long time, we still remember the words and melodies of the songs. Let's sing children's songs in English to our children.

It's not easy for children to sit down for an hour and listen to a teacher, so let's incorporate different kinds of activities involving action throughout the hour. Activities with actions make English accessible to all children. Actions show the children what the words mean and make the language immediately understandable and more transparent. As actions make words more meaningful, they also make them more memorable. There may also be time for reading a picture book to children as well.

Objective: Children up tp 18months with their mothers. Mothers who speak only in English or Japanese or any other language are all welcomed!

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